Tuition and Fees

For Fall and Spring Semester





Parentheses indicate discounted rate for cash & checks

Plan B Monthly Payments*

First Steps / Pre-Ballet

$165 (160)



All other classes:


1 Class per week

$177 (172)


2 Classes per week

$338 (328)


3 Classes per week

$490 (476)


4 Classes per week

$626 (608)


5 or more classes per week

$758 (736)





Single Class



Private instruction (per hour)








PLAN A: The full amount is paid at the beginning of each semester.



PLAN B: Equal monthly payments for each semester are spread over four months.
*A $5 monthly fee is charged for this method of payment. If all payments are received by the 1st of the month, a $20 credit is applied to the last installment.






PLAN A payments are due at the start of each semester. 



PLAN B payments are due the 1st of each month.



Payments over 30 days late are subject to a late fee and interest at 1½%.  A late pick up fee is applied when students are picked up more than 10 minutes late from the last class of the day: $10 for each 10 minute block. 



Prorated refunds are available only during the

First three weeks of each term.


Photograph by Erin Little


Photograph by Erin Little